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All That Glitters

Ducati's Lululemon Moment 

You can never be too rich or too skinny. But you can be too rich and too fat


The Death of Paris 

A week on the road to a pair of improbable successes

The Way We Were


Dept. of Better Living

Better Than Most

Some days don't follow the rules. Some days are rife with opportunity

FTR 1200 3.jpg

What Were They Thinking?

One of These Things

is not Like The Other

Fast, brutal, beautiful. The Indian FTR750 racer is a motorcycle for the ages. The road-going FTR1200 replica is nothing like it.

What happened? 

888 dash.JPG

Object Of My Affection


Veglia Borletti tachometer

Legibly Luscious

Object Of My Affection

The Steel Shoe

The accessory without equal

Dept. of Rituals

Forget me not come fall

The Lowdown

The Lowdown

Thankless Task

No fun in saving industry

Agip decal.jpeg

A Tall Tail

Six-legged logo with convoluted 


The Inquiring Mind


All That Glitters

Last of the Past

The sport touring motorcycle is all but dead but the BMW R1250RT presses on 

What Was I Thinking?

Thin Skinned

Broken bones, a shattered motorcycle 

and a decision never in doubt

Ad nauseam

Not Here You Won't

An inconvenient truth

Hatchet Job

Hand on the throttle,

lips 'round the bottle

What Were They Thinking?

Selling Out

Easy Rider's 

long shadow

Ad nauseam

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